I Am More: Julia

When Dylan first started working with Boston Children’s Theatre, the name Julia kept coming up. “Julia looked after us,” “Julia told me what to wear,” “Julia explained how the auditions work so I’m prepared.” Julia turned out to be the Stage Manager for the Senior Show Choir and a BCT veteran performer, and I was greatly relieved to have her take the younger actors under her wing and make everything a little less scary and intimidating. Now a sophomore at Emerson College (my alma mater),  Julia is a campus representative for Wear Your Label, a Canadian apparel company that makes clothing and jewelry to end the mental health stigma, and uses any opportunity to educate the public: Continue reading


I Am More: Laurie

I would call Laurie a peaceful warrior. She fights long and hard for the causes she believes in, but when you meet her she is relaxed and cracking jokes. She has a life-long history with depression, but she puts you at ease with her honesty and her acceptance of the cards she’s been dealt. She knows how to manage her condition, and she’s not going to let it slow her down when there’s work to be done for the planet, for women’s health and for the arts: Continue reading

I Am More: Anita

I first met Anita when she was cast in “Greasy Pole: The Musical” with Dylan, the first year we moved to Gloucester. She played “Mama,” the matriarch of the Italian family at the center of the story about the famous Gloucester tradition. She was as warm and vivacious as her character. A few weeks later I was surprised to see her at a Buddhist talk giving the introduction. Her personal story stunned me and stayed with me. I’m grateful that she is willing to share it now with you: Continue reading

I Am More: Seth

The first time I ever saw Seth he was the emcee for a charity event, hamming it up for a good cause. That seems to be an excellent description of his life’s purpose – using his humor and high energy for the greater good. It’s been a long and often dark road for Seth, but he’s a great testament to what is possible when you finally get help: Continue reading

I Am More: Ramani

If you meet Ramani around Gloucester, you will catch the twinkle in his eye and possibly get caught up in his joyful energy, since he will undoubtedly share a smile, a laugh or a story. Recently I sat down with Ramani and allowed him to transport me to the time of his birth: The Blitz. His story is a lesson in what happens when you are born into a battle: Continue reading

I Am More: Emilia

This girl. I’ve known her since she was a preschooler with the most striking eyes I have ever seen. Now that she’s a teen I have seen beyond those eyes to the person inside who is so full of love and concern for the world around her. I see her speaking out for inclusivity, for justice and kindness. I see her celebrating the beauty in the world through the arts. I see her showing boundless love for her family which includes her cats. No matter what struggles she faces, they never keep her from checking in with her friends and their own challenges. Her words below are important for us all to read and they are accompanied by her photography: Continue reading

How a Book Is Changing a Community

I stood in the bookstore at Miami International Airport staring at the self-help shelf. I was alarmed at how many of these books I had already read, and yet here I was in the depths of depression during Christmas vacation, looking for another way out. I noticed a familiar name, Brené Brown, whose popular TED talk I had watched recently. Her book was called, I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People Think?” to “I Am Enough.” Continue reading

I Am More: Susie

Being in Susie and her husband Bob’s garden will make you depressed to go back to your own. Everywhere you look there are flowers and berries, veggies and goldfish, and the most beautiful chickens. It is the perfect metaphor for the way Susie lives – bountiful with talents, gifts and generosity. The road was not always easy: Continue reading